Our Menu


Vegetarian Menù!

4 course menù € 46,00

*Soft egg, corn cream, malted butter, red chicory and truffle
€ 22,00 (€ 12,00 with out truffle)
*Risotto with saffron, spinach, beans ragù and Trentingrana
€ 13,00
Stuffed artichokes, fresh cheese, celery cream, mushroom and apples
€ 16,00
Brownie al pistacchio, fragola, banana e cioccolato
€ 9,00

Tasting Gourmet!

6 course menù € 55,00


Scallop, prawns, broccolo cream, spelt and ginger
€ 16,00
*Jerusalem artichoke soup, smoked trout and bottarga (pressed and dried fish roe)
€ 14,00
Thin tagliatelle, Trentingrana cheese and truffle
€ 23,00 (€  13,00 with out truffle)
Quail, black salsify, foie gras, buckwheat-brittle and mango
€ 26,00
Loin of deer, polenta (cornmeal porridge), spinach and pine nuts
€ 25,00

Sacher cake… new style!
€ 9,00

Small menù… Classic!

3 course menù € 36,00

Strudel filling bacon, fontal cheese, button mushrooms and oil
€ 13,00
*Beef steak “Alpenrind” with pan fried potatoes and salad
€ 23,00
*White truffle (Soft ice-cream, hazelnut ice-cream filled)
€ 5,00

Local… Km Zero!

4 course menù € 43,00

Local Selection of sausages and cheese, spelt toast and onions
€ 18,00 (for 2 Person)
Rye flour ravioli venison filling and chanterelle mushroom
€ 13,00
Cheek of pork, bread dumpling, pear in red wine stuffed, head cabbage
€ 20,00
Apples, cinnamon ice cream, pine nuts and raisins
€ 9,00


Dishes for Children’s

Pasta with tomato sauce or Pasta Bolognese
€ 8,00
Small green dumpling with cooking cream and ham
€ 9,00
Chicken steak or chicken breast Milanese style with baked potatoes
€ 14,00



For guests who do not want to buy a bottle also offer a small wine list served in glass.

Sparkling and White Wines

Red Wines

* This food is without gluten.
Bread and covered are included in the price.

Restaurant El Filò

Strada Dolomites, 103
38036 Pozza di Fassa (TN)
tel. / fax +39 0462 763210
E-mail: info@el-filo.com


Open all year.


From Monday to Friday open only evening.
Saturday and Sunday also open at noon.



During high season open on Tuesday.


Opening hours
From 12.00 am at 2.00 pm
From 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

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